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Basic Tarot Readings

The Tarot has a long history that dates back to the fourteenth century. The nineteenth and twentieth centuries have seen new interests in the cards. Whether you use them for divination, awakening imagination, or to fostering spiritual growth, it is an exciting journey.

As a tool for awakening and liberating our intuitive senses, it guides a reader with the inner world. It is a system of symbols and color that leads us on the path of adventure and self discovery. By tapping into the ancient symbols on the cards as they relate to everyday life, we can explore our personal perceptions and see clearly the realities of our lives.
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Renaissance Tarot

The Renaissance Tarot is an extraordinary deck by Jane Lyle. It has the standard amount of 78 cards, and for the ordering of the Major Arcanas theTarot de Marseille pattern is followed, Justice is 8 and Strength is 11. As we will see later on, a lot of the images on the cards are based on the Tarot de Marseille, but there are also a lot of cards that resemble the Rider Waite Tarot

The reason that this deck is so extraordinary is that the images are based on 3-dimensional works of art, designed by Helen Jones. A lot of bronze, gold and silver colors are used, that make the cards look very rich. Every card shows a beautiful scene against a bright-colored background. Each suit has its on background color, red for Wands, light-blue for Cups, purple for Swords, and green for Pentacles.
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Tarot Decks

There are hundreds of different Tarot card decks to choose from. The artwork on the decks range from Angels to Animals from Middle Ages to the Millennium.

The attraction you feel for a particular tarot card deck comes as much from the artwork as it does from how the deck makes you feel when you hold it. A favorite deck becomes your favorite because it speaks to something deep in your inner being. When you pick it up it just feels right and comfortable.
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