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Tarot Card Reading- The worrisome cards

Tarot Card ReadingTarot card readings has some cards that are known as “worrisome.”

Death Card:  One of the most scary for most and a feared card but please don’t be afraid! It is a card of change and transformation.  It represents a time where we are now free to let go of that which does not serve us well anymore. Don’t fear or stop the letting go process. Realize that there is something better for us.  Have courage and be open to change because through death is rebirth and a new part life we will want more than what are hanging on to and is now holding us back on our journey forward. Transition and change–out with the bad and old and in with the new. Be excited, get excited and let go, the worst is over and now you can enjoy the release of change and a new experience. People contact me because they have an issue that is truly bothering them, getting the Death Card is great because now they can move on and enjoy the rebirth of a new experience and excitement. Don’t fear this card, embrace it.  You can NOW move forward and that’s what we all want. You can’t live in the past, be happy that the end is here and now you can move forward. Tie up the loose ends and get going.

Also in Tarot Cards readings is the devil Card:  This card is a feared and confusing card for people. You have a card where the Devil or Pan is centered between two souls or two behaviors. It looks as if they are captured and being held. In fact, the Devil is a temptation and a call to address what is holding us back: addictions, behaviors, people/codependency. Notice that the people in the card are only held by a loose connection. The issue is mental and requires us to take action by being aware of what is tempting us to stay put. Address your life and ask yourself: where in my life am I suffering from an unhealthy, or even addictive behavior? Where is there negative thinking and behavior that’s causing the life force to seep out of my soul? Are the people and/or the environment in my life giving me energy or are they draining it? The key to this card is that we have allowed someone else to have control. We don’t have to let it remain that way. We have the ability to take the noose from our neck and walk away.  Why have we not done this and what do I need to change to help me do this.

Finally in tarot card readings is the 8 of Swords:  The woman is standing bound and blindfolded surrounded by 8 swords with her head hanging in worry and dismay but her worries are mental not a physical reality. Key note: she is not guarded and no one is watching her, she is now in control.  Please take note, her feet are not bound, she can move with just a little faith in herself. All she needs is to take a leap of faith and move. It’s your own fear that is trapping you. Face your fears and you can continue your journey. What she can do is to gently lean back to cut the tie that blinds her, remove the blindfold of confusion and walk out through the gaps between the swords. Meaning: don’t get overwhelmed or lost in confusion you have more control that you realize. Have faith in yourself: you have more possibilities than you realize and it’s all under your control.  Stop over-thinking and take back your control, you can do it, no one is stopping you.  8 stands for a karmic glory.