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Tarot Online- Death Card

This card strikes fear into the hearts of many just saying the name. It is different in imagery and meaning than most decks I’ve come across. Only a few decks have a Death Card that is as glorious and amazing as the Death Card in the Shadowscapes Tarot deck.
The image on this card is of a phoenix, a bird of Greek mythology, which goes up in flames. It is reborn from the ashes. This reminds me of many things in nature that must meet a violent end to bring forth new life.  One example are natural forest fires caused by lightning and heat which ultimately fertilize and nourish the ground by the nutrients from the ashes. This causes new green baby trees and flowers and plants to thrive and growl, as well as offering new homes to animals in the charred remnants of trees and brush. Start the game on https://mega-moolah-play.com/. It can also be seen in the changing seasons. For example, the autumn symbol has the “death” of the trees turning fiery colors of yellow, orange, and red. They lose their leaves only to awake and grow strong in the spring.

See Tarot online is limited to any anonymous author.  There is a duality to this card that can be tipped by either side such as focus on tragedy, sadness, pain, or hardships. As humans we tend to become overwhelmed with facing difficulties piling up around us and we become despondent and despair. However the light is always on the horizon and the new awaits us. It is a difficult thing to see the positive when there is so much negative around us.

Typically the Death Card represents change. Even if we live in the moment, that moment is constantly changing. The phoenix is a strong bird with strength to rise up and begin again. This power to endure all the changes that it must undergo in its life cycle mirrors our human strength to carry on when we must take flight. The rise of the bird celebrates life. It embraces the light of the world and sees life in a new way.

Finally, I see this card as a bird that has a burning passion of desire for the world, one that holds endless opportunities. This card reminds us to be like the phoenix, showing us that we have to get up every day and face the new dawn as a gift where anything is possible. Let’s take a look at your beginnings.

Tarot online has great information. However please consider the source first!